It’s time for a new conversation about web design and marketing online

There used to be a time when people didn’t have telephones.  Then, suddenly, there they were. People had to learn how to use them and now there are phones of all sorts everywhere you look.

In the beginning you had to make a call through an operator.  You’d call the operator and she would connect you to your party.  Of course, now we don’t even think of that.

Well, it’s the same with websites.  Eventually each company will manage their own websites in house, and that’s the way it should be, because a website is not just an advertisement, it is a dynamic communication tool.

You can see how this trend is coming by looking at many services that let you use a template and create a website in just a few minutes.  This will get better and better over time and it will be sufficient for many people.

However, here’s something to consider.  A website is your online store front. It is the first exposure people get to your company.  They will make judgements about your company before they ever pick up the phone to call you.  What kind of an impression do you want to make?

And, search engines, like Google can help you get your information out to prospective customers if they know you exist and if they think you’ve got a good presentation that delivers useful information.

So, there are three things to learn: 

1. How to create a custom website that brands you as the expert in your field

2. How to get found online

3. How to setup and maintain an online marketing plan

Be sure to check out the ENGAGE section of this website for tools to analyze your website’s performance online. It’s a good place to start and see how you’re doing online.


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